Monthly Prayer Time

Second Wednesday Every Month (7:00 to 8:00 pm)

"You will answer me, God; I know You always will…as You listen with love to my every prayer."
Psalm 17:6 (TPT)

He longs for us to take time to be still in His Presence and know every detail of our lives in His capable hands. Join us in being still together in Him!

Can't make it? No problem! Prayer requests can be made confidentially one of two ways:
  • Send us an email at, or
  • Fill out a prayer request card available outside our sanctuary doors (furthest to the left when facing the church) and leave it in our request box.

Helping Hands

Led by Mark Hartle (

We are ready to match volunteers with around-the-house needs of anyone in the community - minor repairs, maintenance and physically challenging tasks. Rides to appointments may also be scheduled! Please contact Mark anytime at 571-8290 or via email to schedule assistance. Check our calendar to find dates for larger teams of volunteers to help with bigger jobs.