Wednesday Night Group: The Shack

Each Wednesday of the Month (7 to 8 PM)

Led by Pastor Gene (

Have you seen The Shack movie? Perhaps you read the book when it came out around 10 years ago? Both begin with the words: "Who wouldn't be skeptical when a man claims to have spent an entire weekend with God, in a shack no less?". Indeed, but there is much to learn from this story about how we encounter and have relationship with God. This story has evoked the a wide variety of powerful responses. We invite you to join us on Wednesday nights as we delve into an indepth study on the book. In each hour long study, we will look at some of insights and limitations of this powerful story. Bring your copy of the book!

Senior and Retirees Group: "Great Expectations"

Monthly at Varying Times

This group typically meets once a month to get together and do something fun! Events include meeting at various restaurants for breakfast or lunch, tours of local businesses, or visiting historical landmarks.